Who are we ?


Gosia and Pedro

One day, a young Polish graduate in French as a foreign language went on an adventure to live in Paris. Gosia discovers there tens of thousands of immigrant compatriots who suffer from not knowing how to speak French.

She also meets Pedro, a Portuguese who is just as much in love with the French language as she is. He discovers with her that hundreds of thousands of Portuguese, Brazilians and Cape Verdeans suffer from the same problem as the Poles.

Together, they opened an online French school, specialized in helping expatriates who want to live an independent life in France.

Gosia has named their school HIBOU ("owl") : the bird-symbol of education and wisdom.
helping people to become autonomous


Our mission is to help expatriates in France, (or in another French-speaking country) who cannot live a fully independent life because they can’t speak French.

We help them learn French quickly and effectively, thanks to our distance lessons (via Zoom), our coaching and our online courses.

We have created a unique program, called AUTONOMY IN FRENCH, which is the result of our experience and our deep exchanges with our students who come from all continents.



Our primary purpose as a school: to help and teach people to become independent and to live independently.


It is very difficult to learn a language quickly if you are not curious about the people and the culture of the country where you want to live.


Without commitment, progress is slow: you always end up finding excuses to stay in your comfort zone.

"14 Jours pour se Débloquer et Parler comme un Français"